Recipes for Life

From My Kitchen to Yours

Knowing which foods are the most healthful is only the first step to health.  Knowing how to prepare and serve them is equally important.  After all, your digestive system doesn't base its work on what you know, but on what you actually eat.

You can even buy all the right stuff at the market, but unless you can make dishes that use those ingredients, they will just go to waste.  Hence, this website.

You may see ingredients that aren't familiar to you.  I'll try to include links from some items to other pages (like GoodFood) that will give more information and maybe explain why I chose them.  As the site develops, I plan to provide a way for you to ask questions or post the results of your culinary adventures.

At any rate, I say, food should be fun.  Experiment!  Learn from your less successful experiments and write down the successes so you can repeat them and share them.  Enjoy your escape from the fast food nation into a wealth of well-being.

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